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Coweta Trucking, Inc.
President:George Sutton
Tel: 918-438-1334
Fax: 918-438-1337
Fleet Manager:Daniel Sutton
Truck Dispatch:Darrell Lawson

Physical Address:

13332 E. Pine St.

Tulsa, OK 74116


Billing Address:

30572 E. 137th St. S.

Coweta, OK 74429

     We appreciate the opportunity, and your interest and confidence in our company. Over the road trucking rates are constantly changing, this is due to several factors such as federal government regulation, fuel prices, seasonal cargos that impact capacity in certain trade lanes at different times of the year, weather conditions, road projects and construction, federal, state, county and city fees for the use of their highways and roads.


    Coweta Trucking is extremely competitive when it comes to pricing because we understand that an unrealistic inland rate can cost you money, a shipping opportunity, or worst still it can cost you a customer. At Coweta Trucking our rating department has years of experience in trip pricing, we will carefully study your move and determine not only the above stated factors but many more that apply; and we will provide you with what we believe to be the most affordable, competitive, and realistic price for your particular move. In order for us to do so, we would like you to fill out this rate request form, notice that items with an asterisk are required fields. We will reply via email as soon as possible with your rate.


*Contact name

*Contact telephone number

*E-mail address

*Company name

*Description of Load/Equipment (requested Make/Manufacturer)





*Origin City & State

Origin Zip Code

*Destination City & State

Destination Zip Code

Number of Loads

Cost of Unit for Insurance Purposes

Estimated date of Delivery

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